Birthday time again

March 6th 2022, Our House, Derby

The Not So Little Rs birthday celebrations actually began the day before her big day with me and Mrs R meeting her and Princess at Hickorys Smokehouse for a meal.

The Not So Little R and Princess
Hockorys Smokehouse Platter

Following their advice me and Mrs R tackled the Smokehouse Platter a meal we completely failed to finish.

Birthday Presents

As the Not So Little R no longer lives with us she and Princess came round on her birthday to open her presents and have a cooked breakfast.

Giant Cookie
Pleased about the cookie

Having made cakes over the past few years Mrs R went against tradition and baked a giant birthday cookie instead.

Opening her cards
Practical gifts

With the Not So Little R and Princess in the final stages of buying their first house together some of her presents were of a more practical nature.

We don’t know why she does this
New Gymshark stuff
New Doc Martins

Whilst others were a lot more fun.

Birthday breakfast

With her presents opened we didn’t let the stuffed feeling we all still had from our meal at Hickorys stop us from finishing the cooked breakfast Mrs R had prepared!

Happy birthday Not So Little R!